PDK Questions

How do I set up read in/ read out?
  1. Click the Setup button in the SmartAccess Server window.
  2. If the door is wireless, click on the Wireless tab
  3. Click Discover at the bottom of the window
  4. When the discover has finished, select the door by clicking on the correct address in the Wireless Nodes window
  5. Click Add at the bottom
  6. Enter the name of the door with identification for reader 2 (i.e. Rdr 2, reader 2, interior, read out, etc.)
  7. Adjust the number to 2 for controller port 2 then proceed to step 4
  8. If the door is Ethernet, click Add at the bottom left of the window in the Devices tab
  9. Enter the name of the door with identification for reader 2 (i.e Rdr 2, reader 2, interior, read out, etc.)
  10. Select the Connection for that door in the drop down
  11. Change the Port: to 2
  12. Click OK then proceed to step 4
  13. Open and Log in to SmartAccess Rules
  14. Click the Groups tab
  15. *Select Door in the Add Rule drop down at the bottom of the window
  16. Set time and days for group to have access to the second reader and select the port 2 device in the Doors: window then click Save
  17. Select Event in the Add Rule drop down at the bottom of the window
  18. Set time and days for group to have access to the second reader
  19. Name: the rule (suggested to reference the door and reader 2 as above)
  20. Select When Allowed in the Trigger: drop down
  21. Select Open/Close in the Action: drop down
  22. Set Delay: to desired time for relay to be active
  23. Select the port 2 door in the Source Doors: window
  24. Select the port 1 door in the Target: window then click Save*
*Steps 6-15 can also be done in the People tab, but it is suggested to do most rules through Groups to minimize the amount of programming that needs to be done.*

How do you set up a REX (request to exit)
  1. In SmartAccess Server, click the Setup button at the bottom left of the window.
  2. In the Devices tab, select the device the REX input will be on and check the box for Rex.
  3. Wire the REX into the controller with one leg in the (-) of reader port 2 and the other leg in B
  4. In SmartAccess Rules, go to the System Events tab.
  5. Click the Add Event button at the bottom of the window
  6. Select the time frame and days for the REX to be active
  7. Select On REX Open (can be On REX Closed if desired/necessary) in the Trigger: drop down box
  8. Recommended Action: is Open/Close
  9. Set Delay: to the desired amount of time for the relay to be open
  10. Select the door with the REX input in Source Doors: window
  11. Select the door(s) you’d like the REX to unlock in the Target: window
  12. Click the Save button

Can I tie in a fire alarm?
The recommended method to tie in a fire alarm is:
Wire the Fire Alarm output into any door controller as a REX (input B)

How do I set up an ethernet gateway?
First determine whether the gateway’s final location will be on the same LAN as the ACP, or on a different subnet/vLAN/WAN.
  • If it’s on the same LAN
    1. Plug the gateway into the network
    2. Exit SmartAccess Server
Where is the mobile app?
Smart Access Mobile currently isn’t in the App Store or Google Play. It is currently set up as a web application which means it is accessed and run through the web browser (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Browser).
  1. Just open the browser, enter the public IP address colon Port (ex.
  2. It is likely that the Port will need to be forwarded to the local IP address. Consult a dealer or IT staff for this.
  3. Follow steps in https://prodatakey.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/2456535-what-is-the-user-name-and-password-for-reports to allow access and set up User Name and Password.
What is the username and password for reports?
The UserName and Password required for Authentication in SmartAccess Reports, mobile and/or web browser are programmed in SmartAccess Rules.
  1. In the People tab of Rules, select the person in the list.
  2. On the right side of the window, the Name: will be used as the User Name (case and character sensitive).
  3. Under the Name: enter the desired Password: that will be used for Reports and online access.
To the right of the Name: there are two boxes. One for Enable Web and one for Admin. *In order to access Reports, both boxes need to be checked (Admin will allow that user to operate all doors in the system through the web access).*

Access Control Panel

How do I power the access control panel?
To power the Access Control Panel, use 18/2 Wire to connect the AC terminals on the provided power supply to an Elk transformer (TRG1640). Securely plug the transformer into a 115VAC wall plug, after connecting the 18/2 wire. The Access Panel will automatically boot once properly powered.

What size of battery can I use with the access control panel?
The Access Control Panel will fit a standard 5aH – 8aH battery. The 8aH battery will need to be placed vertical to fit properly and is recommend for longer battery life.

VM Ware solution.

What do I need purchase to run a VM Ware solutions?
To run a VM Ware solution a Coordinator Kit (PM01ACS) will need to be purchased.

When does it make sense to use the VM Ware solution instead of the access control panel?
There are very few occasions when the VM Ware solution is a better choice over the Access Control Panel. We recommend using this option when the customer has a specific request for it and has an existing infrastructure of servers and can easily create a new VM Ware instance on one of their servers.

What features will i lose by installing a VM Ware solution instead of an access control panel?

There are several built in features with the Access Control Panel that we are unable to provide when the system is run from a VM Ware solution, including:
  • Daily automatic database backups
  • Remote accessibility
  • Built in battery backup
  • Solid state system
  • Auto power on after AC power lose
Who can purchase the coordinator kit to run of a VM Ware solution?
Only Gold certified partners are authorized to purchase and install the Coordinator Kit (PM01ACS).

What comes in the coordinator kit?

The Coordinator Kit comes with a Pro Wireless Coordinator in a secure and easy to mount steel housing and includes a software download to download the latest version of the SmartAccess Software.

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