Brivo FAQ's

1) How do I schedule a demo?
Email BSN at and someone will reach out to you to schedule a date and time that’s convenient for you.

2) I forgot my password. How do I reset my password?
You may use the Online Password Self Reset Tool or contactBSN Security at or (480) 686-9052, option 3.

3) Can multiple accounts be merged together?
Brivo offers a professional service for merging and splitting accounts. Please contact your BSN Security or for instructions.

4) How do I add a Schedule?
From the Setup dropdown menu, choose the Schedules tab then click on the New Schedule link. The New Schedule page displays. Enter a brief, descriptive name in the Schedule Name field. You can create schedules to be used by the entire account or by individual sites. If you want this schedule to apply only to a specific site, click that option on the Site dropdown list. Otherwise, accept the default, Universal. For site-specific schedules, you can define this as a Group Enabled Schedule. When you select the site from the Site dropdown list, an Enabling Group dropdown list displays. Select an Enabling Group and enter an associated Grace Period. Refer to the creating a Group Enabled Schedule section beginning on page 38 in the Administrator’s Manual or Brivo OnAir Help before assigning an Enabling Group to any Schedule.
WARNING: Group Enabled Schedules Group Enabled Schedules support Brivo OnAir’s First-Person-In and Supervisor-on-Site functionality. If you assign an enabling group to a schedule without first understanding how this feature works you may inadvertently create a security risk. Refer to the Creating a Group Enabled Schedule section before assigning an enabling group to any schedule.

 5) How do I add a Holiday?
If any holidays have been defined for the account, they will be listed under Holidays Observed. Click the Add Holiday link to call up the holiday popup window. Select the holiday(s) that you want to be observed by this schedule and then click the Close Window link. If you wish to remove a holiday from the list, highlight the holiday in question and click the Remove link.  To add a holiday, draw blocks of time for which general access should be allowed. To define an access period, click on a gray column, drag up or down with your cursor, then release. As you drag, portions of the column are highlighted, indicating a period during which general access is allowed. When you release your cursor, the block snaps to the nearest hour. To extend an access period, highlight the gray area above or below the existing block. Make sure the new block touches the existing block. When you release your cursor, the blocks merge together. To delete an access period, click once on the blue block to select the time period, and then click Delete Block. To repeat an access period for the work week or the entire week, fill in the Monday column, and then click copy Monday to Friday or copy Monday to Sunday. Select Save Schedule to Save the Schedule. For more advanced programming of Schedules such as Holidays and Schedule Exceptions, please refer to the Administrator’s Manual.

6)  Why is my card not working?
There are multiple reasons your card may not work after being added. Please check the following:
Has the card been assigned to a user? Does the user have access to the door? Are you receiving activity events from the panel?

If you have answered yes to the questions above, please refer to the activity log for a Failed Access message. If you are receiving a Failed Access message, contact BSN Security for assistance at (480) 686-9052 option 3 or at

7) What is required for a card to work on my Brivo account?
The card must either be in a recognized format or be enrolled using Brivo’s swipe-to-enroll feature. The card must be assigned to a user. The user must be assigned to a group.
The group must have access to the required doors during the required schedule. The panel must receive an update from the server. This will take no more than five minutes.

8) I have multiple cards, but the activity log doesn’t specify which card I used. How come?
Access is granted to a user and not a credential. Since the user is being authenticated, the user is being reported.

9) Can one account be split into multiple accounts?
Brivo offers a professional service for merging and splitting accounts. Please contact your Authorized Brivo Dealer or for instructions.

10) When a panel communication drops, why do cards still work?
All Brivo panels retain a database of authorized credentials. If a panel should ever go offline due to an Internet outage for example, the panel will retain a specified number of credentials. The panel will also retain a specified range of activity.

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