Allegion Information

Locks & Latches

Can I get a key/key Euro cylinder?
Yes. Euro cylinders come in four options: Key/Turn, Key/Key, Key, or Turn only


I have seen a product on the Schlage USA website that doesn’t feature on your website, is this available in New Zealand or Australia?
We do not sell all the USA products in New Zealand or Australia, please contact our Customer Service team for clarification on a particular product.

How do I stop my front door from blowing closed?
We recommend using a magnetic hold open door stop

How do I make sure my door closes shut?
We recommend using a door closer. There are a number to choose from, depending on the application and door. Please contact Customer Services if you have any questions.

I have a rebated door, what hardware can I use?
All Schlage door hardware can be used with a universal rebate kit

Electronic Locks

How often do I need to change the batteries?
Batteries will generally last around two years, however we recommend replacing the batteries once a year to ensure un-interuppted performance.
Is it difficult to change the batteries?
No. All Schlage locks use standard batteries, that are easy to replace from the internal lock body. If you have any questions, please refer to the user guide.
I am having diffculty programming my lock. Where should I look for a trouble shooting guide?
There is a trouble shooting guide in the user guide of the lock (found in the box or on the website under the product listing).
I currently have a mechanical deadbolt. Can I change it for a digital lock?
Yes. Most of the Schlage digital range fits a standard 54mm door prep, with either a 60mm or a 70mm backset

Entrance Handles

Am I able to change the internal lever/knob on my entrance handle/grip set?
Yes. If you have an F Series Entrance Handle Set, you can interchange the internal knob/lever with a dummy trim knob/lever from the F Series. If you have a Regent Series Entrance Handle Set, you can interchange  the internal knob/lever with a dummy trim from the knob/lever from the Regent Series.

Does the thickness of the door effect which set I should choose?
Yes, both the Regent and F Series of handle sets will fit to a specfic range of door thicknesses. Regent will fit doors 35mm to 50mm thick. F Series will fit doors 41mm to 51mm.

What are my locking options?
With most Schlage handle sets you can choose single deadbolt (key/turn) or double deadbolt (key/key)


Can I get a knob and deadbolt set that use the same key?
Yes. Regent Denver and F Series Plymouth combination sets (keyed alike standard) are available.

What backset should I use with a knob?
We recommend using a backset of 70mm. This is to prevent hitting your knuckles on door jamb

Can I get all my locks keyed the same?
Yes. Request ‘keyed alike’ when ordering your Schlage locks.


Is the privacy lever in the F Series and Regent push or turn?
Both the F Series and Regent Series have turn privacy buttons

Does Grande or Medio have a square-look option?
Square roses are available as an optional accessory for Grande only.

Can I change my existing hardware without any further door preparation?
It depends on the door preparation and the series you wish to change to. You can retro-fit Regent, F Series and Grande on the same door 54mm  preparation without further changes to the door. You can change Schlage 7000 Series, Schlage 9000 Series, Schlage Medio Series and Schlage Grande Series on the same 35mm door preparation.

My door preparation has a 54mm hole with a 60mm backset. Which levers should I choose?
The Regent Range, F series, and Grande range will retro-fit this door preparation.

I live by the sea, which levers should I use?
Stainless steel is best. We recommend using Schlage 7000 series, 9000 series or VERTA range. In coastal environments, please ensure you follow the care and maintenance guides to ensure the finish lasts.


My insurance company is asking  for a key/key deadbolt?
Schlage deadbolts are available in single cylinder (key external / turn internal) or double cylinder  (key internal / key external).

My front door is really thick – 60mm. Can I use a deadbolt?
Yes. Use a B Series deadbolt with extention kit (60-100mm think doors)

Aluminium Sliding and Folding

Does the Stella Sliding door lock fit over most holes from older sliding door handles?
Yes, most sliding door locks are able to be replaced without much further preperation of the current door.up to 100mm thick.
Single cylinder deadbolt only

Residential Electronic Locks

How to Reset a BE367 Deadbolt to Factory Settings
  1. Remove the inside escutcheon to gain access to the deadbolt battery
  2. Disconnect the battery from the deadbolt
  3. Momentarily press the “Schlage” button on the face of the deadbolt a few times, with the battery removed
  4. While holding the “Schlage” button depressed, reconnect the deadbolt battery. NOTE: You should see the “Schlage” button flash red two times followed by a long green pulse
  5. Continue to hold the “Schlage” button until the long green pulse is completed.  NOTE: The complete “Schlage” button red and green flashing sequence should take no more than 10 seconds to complete.  Repeat steps 2 through 5 if the red and green flashing sequence is not provided as indicated.  You may need to press the “Schlage” button in step 3 a few more times than before.

How do I clean the exterior of my Schlage electronic lock?
Warm soapy water and a cloth. Do not use chemicals/cleaning products, as this may affect the finish or electronic components.

Electric Mortice Locks

Where can I find the wiring or colour coding for the Legge and FSH Electric Mortice Locks?
Refer to MFE, MFEi, FEL990, FEL990M wiring diagrams

What voltage is required for an electric mortice lock?
Our Electric Mortice locks are multi-voltage, meaning they can take 12-24V DC.

What is the warranty period on an electric mortice lock?
The 990 Electric Mortice Locks are tested to 500,000 operations, with a 10 year mechanical warranty and 1 year electronic warranty. Warranty is void if the product is opened. Should you need to claim warranty, please contact your supplier.

How to I change the handing on an electric mortice lock?
Rotate the screw mechanism on the back edge of the lock, to the desired position – Refer to Installation Instructions for further detail on adjusting the handing

Where can I find the installation template for an electric mortice lock?
Click here to find out more

Why are the LED lights on door furniture not working?
If the lock is set to Fail Secure, then the LED wiring is swapped – Refer to Installation Instructions for further detail on adjusting the handing

Electronic Locks

What is the low battery threshold for the AD and CO Locks?
Information on low battery threshold and nuisance delay is noted below: New firmware now has improved levels.

These are approximate values/levels which change with measurement meters and measurement point.

  • You must have 4 volts or more battery/power supply level for the USB to connect and communicate with the SUS/HHD. If the battery/power supply voltage is lower than 4.0 the SUS/HHD will not connect to the AD/CO-Series Locks. This is true for all FW versions.
  • The AD300 must never be powered with batteries. The AD300 requires 12 or 24 VDC 250 ma AUX power. The AD300 must be powered from a external AUX supply to provide sufficient power for the RS-485 communication, the AD300 will not function on batteries.
  • Reader types determine voltage levels needed for operation. Locks with smart card readers, SM & MT, require higher voltage levels. Locks with Prox and Mag card readers can operate to lower voltages.
  • Low Battery is indicated with a nuisance delay with nine red blinks before UNLOCK on the AD200 & AD250.
  • The AD400 reports LOW Battery to the ACP (The AD400 has no nuisance blink/delay)
  • Critical Battery is when the LOCK goes to Fail mode of “As-is; Safe, Secure.”
  • AD400/AD200/AD250 After ADFwPkg 2.17.0 – June 2011
  • 4 Battery Holder
  • New batteries = 6.2 VDC
  • Low battery threshold is 4.7 VDC for SM & MT – and 3.7 VDC for MAG and PROX (USB stops working at 4 VDC)
  • Critical battery threshold is 4.6 VDC for SM & MT – and 3.4 VDC for MAG and PROX (USB stops working at 4 VDC)
  • Coin cell = New/Full is 3.0 VDC. low is 2.8 VDC
  • AD400/AD200/AD250 After ADFwPkg 2.17.0 – June 2011
  • 8 Battery Holder
  • New batteries = 12.4 VDC
  • Low battery threshold is 7.2 VDC
  • Critical battery threshold is 6.9 VDC
  • Coin cell = new/full is 3.0 VDC, low is 2.8 VDC
  • CO200
  • 4 Battery Holder (ONLY)
  • New batteries = 6.2 VDC
  • Low battery threshold is 4.2 VDC
  • Critical battery threshold is 3.9 VDC
  • Coin cell = new/full is 3.0 VDC, low is 2.8 VDC
  • CO250
  • 4 Battery Holder (ONLY)
  • New batteries = 6.2 VDC
  • Low battery threshold is 4.2 VDC
  • Critical battery threshold is 3.9 VDC
  • Coin cell = new/full is 3.0 VDC, low is 2.8 VDC
  • CO200 & CO250 Disable coin cell Nuisance delay and blink,
  • With CO.A.7 and SUS 4.10.2 or newer for CO200 and CO250, you can use the SUS/HHD, under Lock Properties, Edit, to de-select, DISABLE, the “Coin Cell Nuisance Delay” and the nine blink warning indication.
  • The coin cell is only a back up voltage source for the real time clock. Changing the coin cell battery on an CO-Series lock is difficult. Customers can now decide to install fresh AA batteries and set the real time clock with the SUS during AA battery changes and not replace the coin cell. The real time clock works with just AA batteries, and no back-up. With the low coin cell nuisance delay and blink disabled by the SUS only low AA batteries will provide a nuisance warning.


The Coin Cell Battery Part Number is CR2025 for the AD-Series and CO-Series Locks

The Coin Cell Battery Part Number is CR2025 for the CT5000

The AD400 and AD300 are on-line locks and do not use the coin cell at all.

In AD and CO locks, the coin cell battery is used to maintain the “Real-Time” clock when the AA batteries are removed or depleted.  When the AA batteries are properly installed, the coin cell is not used at all since the AA batteries will provide power for the Real-Time Clock circuit.

The coin cell battery will maintain the AD-Series and CO-Series Date and TIME for up to 30 days, when the AA batteries are not installed or are depleted.

Can the AD-200 and CO-200 be manually programmed?
Yes.  The AD-200 and CO-200 each can be managed through manual direct lock keypad programming or PC software programming using an HHD to transfer programming information to the lock.

The physical lock Keypad option is mandatory for local manual lock programming.  Either Schlage Express or SMS Select PC software can be used to program the AD200 and CO200 locks using the HHD.  Once a lock has been programmed with an HHD and PC software, local manual lock programming is disabled.  To re-enable local manual lock programming, the lock has to be Second Level Factory Default Reset and this process clears ALL current lock programming, whether manual or PC programmed, and sets the lock back to the Out of Box Factory Default condition, with all default codes restored.

Can I have multiple Hand Held Devices (HHD) coupled to the same lock?
Yes, several HHD’s can be used with a single lock, as long as the HHD’s have the same Coupling Password as the lock.

The HHD coupling password is set during the lock initialization, coupling process.

When the coupling password is changed the value is stored in the HHD and once coupled to a lock, the Coupling Password is also loaded in the lock/device memory.

The Coupling Password is compared whenever an HHD is trying to adjust lock configuration settings or downloading door programming files.


Be advised, When a AD or CO lock is Factory Default Reset (FDR), the DEFAULT Coupling Password will be restored along with any other settings within the lockset.

A Factory Default Reset (FDR) lock will need to be Re-Coupled with the HHD to reestablish higher site security.

CAUTION: If the Coupling Password is left at default, any HHD with a default coupling password will be recognized by the lock and can program or change any lock setting.  For highest security, ALWAYS couple with your devices using a NON-DEFAULT Coupling Password.

How do I couple a Hand Held Device to a PIM400?

Remove the PIM400/401 cover. Connect the HHD to the PIM using the HH-USB cable. The PIM400/401 will be displayed on the HHD screen. On the HHD, select Device Options, On the PIM400/401, press and hold the LINK 1 button. Then press the LINK 2 button three times. On the HHD, select Couple HHD to Device. When Coupling is successful, a message will be displayed on the HHD screen.

You can also follow the proper procedure by linking to the Schlage Utility Software User Guide document on page 19 Couple HHD to PIM.

If the PIM400 has already been coupled with a HHD, the Coupling process will be disabled and the PIM400 will no longer go into its Coupling Mode.  You must RESET the PIM400 in order to allow (re-enable) coupling of the PIM400.

Electric Strikes

Does Allegion have retrofit models available for competitor products?
Yes, the FES20M is designed to retrofit the LW ES2000, the FES10 retrofits the LW ES110, and the FES15 retrofits the LW ES150.

What is the Warranty period on electric strikes?
FSH electric strikes have a 5 year warranty

Electromagnetic Locks

What is the Warranty period on electromagnetic locks?
FSH electromagnetic locks have a limited lifetime warranty. Please enquire for more detail on the warranty.
Power Supplies and Accessories

Where is factory recommendation for location of an EPT?
EPT installation guidelines are as follows:

Recommended location is 152.4mm(6″) below top hinge per template

Steelcraft will locate the power transfer prep at the Von Duprin recommended template location of 6″ below the bottom of the top hinge to the top the the power transfer preparation unless noted otherwise. This applies to both the door and frame.When used with 115mm(4 1/2″) hinges the locations are as follows:Frame location is 572mm(22 17/32″) from head to CL of preparation.Door location is 569mm(22 13/32″) from top of door to CL of preparation.

What is the maximum reveal on the LCN 4600 Series Auto Equalizers?
LCN 4631 Pull Operator with Track Arm – 3mm Standard, 68mm with Special Template Arm (ST3096) – which can be Indented on request).
LCN 4642 Push Operator – up to 114mm Standard, up to 204mm with Long Rod and Shoe (4640-79LR)

What is the maximum door weight and door leaf width, for the LCN Power Operators?
LCN Power Operators are tested up to 100kg doors with 1214mm width, for compliance with UL Standards. Doors heavier and wider than these are not tested to the stated number of operations, of each product. Please consult with your Allegion Consultant for any application which exceed these specifications.

Biometric Solutions

Which models of biometric units are available in NZ?
HK-II and HP-3000-E are the stocked models. Memory expansion, power supplies, hurricane enclosures are also readily available.

AptiQ Readers and Credentials

What card technologies are offered by Allegion?
The XceedID Proximity, aptiQ  Mifare® classic and aptiQ Mifare DESfire™ EV1 are the standard credentials that are offered by Allegion

What types of credentials are available?
ISO Card, Clamshell Card, Key Fob, Adhesive PVC Patch and Mobile Credential (aptiQmobile)

Legge Privacy Plus Locks

Does the Privacy Plus Pack include Electric Mortice Locks?
Yes, the Privacy Plus Pack includes everything except the Door Furniture. It is recommended that LA702LEDS plus cylinder, and LA712LEDS furniture are used.

Fire/ Life Safety Closers

What side of the door is the 4040SE mounted?
The magnet extensions can be used with both the SEM 7800 and the SEM1900 magnets.

To add extensions to the SEM series magnets, you “MUST” start with the 7810-514 coupler kit. The coupler kit provides (becomes) the first 1-1/2″ of extension.

Additional extensions are available in 12.7mm(1/2″), 19mm(3/4″), 25.4mm(1″), 50.8mm(2″) and 101.6mm(4″) lengths that can be combined in any combination to get the required total extension needed

The SEM 7800 series magnet extensions have a 3/8-24 thread.

Maximum extension length for a single door application is 305mm(12″) (if magnet mounted at top of door). Less if mounted at bottom of door, where it becomes a trip hazard.

Maximum extension length for an application with a pair of doors is 127mm(5″). If longer, there is a possibility of the extension on one door preventing the other leaf from closing.

What power supply is required to operate the Von Duprin Chexit (CX) devices?
Chexit devices shipped after 24-8-2015 with motor driven.

You can use 1 Chexit with PS902, 3 Chexit with PS904 and 4 Chexit with PS914 or PS906 power supplies with proper gauge wire.

No option cards are required with PS900 series to operate the motor driven Chexit device.

Fire alarm contact ties directly into the motor driven Chexit device.


Chexit devices shipped prior to 24-8-2015 with solenoid driven.

The PS914 or PS873 power supply is required because the Chexit device solenoid operates with 24VDC  and requires 16 amp inrush and .4 amp holding current.

No option cards are required with PS914 or PS873 to operate the Chexit device.

Fire alarm contact ties directly into the Chexit device.

What electric strikes are available for Von Duprin rim exit devices?

The 22, 33/35A and 98/99 rim exit devices:
The 6111 is the most common electric strike to be used with these devices

6112 and 6113 electric strikes also could be used

The 6300 surface mount electric strike can also be used

You will need to look at the templates to determine what is best for your door, frame and stile width conditions.

The 88-F rim device:
Only compatible with 6111 electric strike

The 55 rim device:
Strike lip is different on 6111, 6112 and 6113 x 55 rim device. Specify 55 rim x 6111, 6112 or 6113.
Door Controls

What instructions do I use to fit the door closer?

You have 3 options which are:

Hinge/Pull side mount (hinge side)

Parallel Arm push side mount (non- hinge side)

Over door/Transom push side mount (non- hinge side)

Fitting instructions for all 3 options are included with the closer, determine what side of the door to mount the closer and use appropriate instructions.

Exit Devices

What would keep the vertical rod exit devices top latch from being held retracted in the open position?

The following items may cause the exit devices top latch from being held in the retracted position.

  1. The top or bottom rods are out of adjustment.
  2. The top latch hold back feature is defective.
  3. The top latch might be a pullman latch which has no hold back feature.

Following exit devices 2227/F, 33/3527A/F, 33/3547A/48A/F, 98/9927/F and 98/9947/48/F have similar rod adjustment procedures.

All top latches control the bottom latch assemblies. When door is in open position top latch should stay in retracted position and bottom latch should be held up by top latch being held in retracted position. If top latch is not staying retracted follow the installation instruction  rod adjustment

33/3547A Rod adjustment

2227 Rod adjustment

98/9927/F Rod adjustment

33/3527A/F Rod adjustment

98/9947 Rod adjustment

98/9947WDC Rod adjustment

Pull Handles & Push Handles

What is a cylindrical lock?

Cylindrical Locks: a bored lockset whose latch or bolt locking mechanism is contained in the portion installed through the cross-bore

Medium, high to extra heavy duty

Commercial, multi-family and institutional applications

Pros – Heavy duty, unlimited cylinder options

Cons – Large rose (larger footprint on face of door), limited lever designs

Cylindrical locks with levers usually require a spring cage to lift the lever and keep it horizontal.  These spring cages lead to a bigger rose (circular, finished plate against the door) – typically around 3.5 inches in diameter.  Knob designs do not require this extra spring force and these roses usually have a diameter around 2.5 inches.

Schlage Commercial cylindrical locks

  • Heavy Duty (high use, high abuse applications – educational facilities, hospitals, etc.)
  • D-Series – knob style (ANSI/BHMA Certified A156.2-2003, Series 4000, Grade 1, UL Listed for 3-hour fire door
  • ND-Series – lever style (ANSI/BHMA Certified A156.2-2003, Series 4000, Grade 1, UL Listed for 3-hour fire door)·         Standard Duty
  • A-Series – knob style (ANSI/BHMA Certified A156.2-2003, Series 4000, Grade 2, UL Listed for 3-hour fire door)
  • AL-Series – lever style (ANSI/BHMA Certified A156.2-2003, Series 4000, Grade 2, UL Listed for 3-hour fire door)

Falcon cylindrical lock

  • Heavy Duty (high use, high abuse applications – educational facilities, hospitals, etc.)
  • X-Series – knob style (ANSI A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 1, UL Listed for 3-Hour fire door)
  • T-Series – lever style (ANSI A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 1, UL Listed for 3-Hour fire door)·         Standard Duty
  • W-Series – knob and lever style (ANSI A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 2, UL Listed for 3-Hour fire door)
  • B-Series – lever style (ANSI A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 2, UL Listed for 3-Hour fire door

SR Keying

What is Master-key system?
A Master keying system regulates access to specific zones and all locks can be operated by a single master-key, this involves each lock being individual pinned up so only certain keys will operate those locks.

What is the difference between rekey & master keying?
Re-keying means changing/replacing the pins in an existing lock so that only a new key can open it, this is recommended if you move into a home or business that was previously occupied by someone else.  A Master Key System comprises of a hierarchy of keys with a master key that will operate all locks.

I have a key marked “Do Not Duplicate.” Can I get a copy of it anyway?
Restricted Systems use security key blanks which are specifically designed keys which can only be obtained and copied from the Locksmith or manufacture which designed the system.  Restricted security key blanks are patent protected (design registered) therefore key manufacturer are not allowed to produce copies of that design

To order or get a key cut you will need authorization from the owner or nominee of the restricted key system and the letter should be on a company letterhead and identify the key(s) to be made, the number of keys, the person picking up the keys, and the name and number of the person writing the letter.

What is construction keying?
Construction keying is a way to secure a building site throughout the duration of the building proses, in most cases the locks will be keyed to one key (construction key) unless requested by the builder or the building owner to be different.  The construction key will generally be one of a set of keys that has been used on a number of building sites so it is highly recommended to rekey the locks once the building has been handed over.

What is a drop ball system, is it the same as construction keying?
A drop ball system is a more secure way to key a building throughout the construction phase.  In this method a set of small balls are used inside the lock and act as a master pin, once the home owners key or master key enters the lock and turns the plug the balls are pushed up into the top pin chamber and then dropped into a hole that is located on the side of the plug and this is where they will stay, after this happens the construction key will no longer work as the drop balls are no longer creating the shear line which enables the plug to turn in the cylinder

What is Maison keying?
This system is widely used in apartments, office blocks and hotels, for example in an apartment block each apartment has its own individual key which will not open any other apartments, but all apartment keys will open common entrance doors along with other keys that are in a master-key system, and these doors are called maison keyed doors.

What is a key profile?
A key profile is a Locksmith term that relates to the way a key is shaped this determines what plug the key can go through.

A standard Key profile example would be a Schlage profile.

Locks and Latches

Is there a hold back cylinder available?
No, we do not make or offer a hold back cylinder, however alternatives are available from locksmiths and other distributors.

Is there a double beveled latch bolt option available for applications on double doors where a vertical rod exit device is on the inactive door leaf and mortice lock on the active door leaf?
Yes, we offer as a multifunction lock case, any other specific lock function would need to be nominated.

Is there a rebate attachment available for the wood fix/ timber fix locks?
No, we do not make or offer a rebate attachment, however alternatives are available from locksmiths and other distributors.

Is there a deadlock or sliding door lock option available?
No, we do not make or offer these options, the solution is to use 950 (deadlock) or 951 (sliding door lock)

Interior Sliding Doors

How do I choose which system to use?
You will need to establish the size and weight of each door – this will narrow down your selection. We can supply a door weight calculator if you are unsure of the material weights.

Do I always need a floor channel?
No, a single sliding door which moves no more than it’s own width can use a simple saw-cut guide or you can recess a channel into the underside of the door and place a roller guide next to the door jamb. Where the doors move a long way or you have multiple doors, the best solution will be a floor channel – please consult our team, we may still be able to avoid the use of a channel depending on your application.

Exterior Folding Doors

How do I choose which system to use?
You will need to establish the size and weight of each door – this will narrow down your selection. We can supply a door weight calculator if you are unsure of the material weights.

Is Brio hardware tested to NZS4211 for use with compliant timber joinery?
Yes, the Brio Weatherfold 4s 50kg and 100kg folding door systems have been tested to NZS4211 using joinery built to JMF standards.

Can I use double glazing with the Brio folding systems?
Yes, the Brio Weatherfold 4s folding door system has the capacity to carry up to 100kg from the standard range. For really heavy panels, we can call upon the 150kg hardware which is available to order.

Interior Folding Doors

How do I choose which system to use?
You will need to establish the size and weight of each door – this will narrow down your selection. We can supply a door weight calculator if you are unsure of the material weights.

Do I always need a floor channel?
No, this depends on the door layout. Most interior folding systems can be installed without a floor channel when only two doors are connected (eg, a 2 leaf or 2+2 leaf door layout). Otherwise, Interfold 35F and Interfold 50F systems will hang up to 4 doors in each direction without the need for a floor channel.

Can I use MDF panels to form my doors?
No, Brio folding door hardware is intended for use on hollow core or solid core doors only – generally, the door panel needs to have strength in the top and bottom rails where the hardware is fixed with a minimum thickness of 20mm

Retractable Insect Screens

Does the Brio 612 Insect Screen fit on the outside or inside of the building?
The Brio 612 insect screen is designed for interior use only. Any warranty will be void if this product is mounted on the exterior side of the building.

What color is the pleated mesh?
The pleated mesh is always black.

What parts of the system can be colored?
The pull bar and screen frame can be colored (any aluminum component). Our standard colors are Black, White and Grey.

Is it better to have a single screen or a bi-parting screen to cover a large opening?
The Brio 612 insect screen can achieve a large span with a single screen (up to 4.5m wide x 3.3m tall) wherever possible, a single screen should be installed to span the opening. This will keep labour and costs to a minimum.

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