What is is the leading technology provider of Smart Home Security services. Their award winning technology is used by over 5 million people to help protect what matters most. They are proud of their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and work relentlessly to deliver the best. developed and released the first ever interactive home security solution over a decade ago and our services have completely changed how security systems work today. technology is behind some of the most advanced home security systems available and is sold and serviced by a network for professional service providers.  Click the button below to learn more about
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“I found the system powerful and easy to use. I especially liked the way the system’s components work together.”
“One of the coolest integrations we saw was all the smart home stuff you can control through Just a few taps and you can keep tabs on your house from anywhere.”

How do I get a system? Can I buy a system from directly?
No does not sell systems directly, but BSN Security can install an Security System for you!  Below are some buttons that will link you to our security system packages.  Keep in mind that these a DIY kits.  If you would like a professionally installed system please contact us for a quote!

Starter Kit
Energy Management Kit
Video Doorbell and Security Kit
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How are your systems monitored?
Unlike traditional systems that typically only alerted you if the alarm went off, systems monitor the activity across your home’s sensors 24/7, whether your system is armed or not. This means your system can be useful in emergency and non-emergency events. All the signals from the security system are sent over’s dedicated secure cellular connection for fast and reliable communication. If you go with professional monitoring, in the event of an emergency, that signal is instantly sent to a Central Monitoring Station, managed by BSN Security. There are professional monitoring personnel at the Central Station 24/7 to receive the real-time alarm signals from systems, and dispatch emergency response. Non-emergency alerts are processed by and sent out based on the rules that you define. For example, you may choose to get an alert when the front door opens between 12-2pm so you know the dog walker showed up.

What does a system cost? is sold as a part of a smart home security system and is included in your security service. Security is typically sold with a low upfront cost and an ongoing monthly service fee similar to a cell phone. A typical system costs one to two hundred dollars up front and $40 – $60 per month, depending on the size of your home and the devices and services you choose to include. An interactive security system is usually less expensive than your monthly cable subscription or cell phone bill. This approach is much more affordable than investing thousands of dollars up front on equipment that may be out of date in a few years.

What are my installation options?
All systems are professionally configured and  either self or professionally monitored. BSN Security offers a choice of installation options from self-installation to full service professional installation. If you’re tech-savvy, you may feel comfortable installing a pre-configured system, which includes a DIY kit. Don’t worry if you’re not, BSN Security offers full professional installation. The choice is really up to you. You’ll get a great system either way. BSN Security is ready to help you get started and answer any questions you may have.

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