Keep Your Home Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time to be around loved ones, and sometimes that means traveling out of town to visit friends and family. As many people leave town over the holidays, there is a greater opportunity for theft and burglary. Here are 5 ways to keep your home protected over the holidays.

1. Have A Neighbor Grab Your Mail And Any Packages

A full mailbox and a pile of Amazon boxes are a pretty good indicator that someone is out of town. Ask a trusted neighbor or a nearby friend to come by and grab your mail to make sure it doesn't become apparent that nobody has been home the last few days.

2. Don't Leave Any Spare Keys Outside Your House

If somebody is looking to get into your home and has the belief that you're out of town, they're more likely to spend a few extra minutes looking for a spare key in common places. Take the extra 5 minutes before you leave town to make sure any hidden keys have been picked up.

3. Install A Motion-Sensor Light

A motion-sensor light is a good security investment in general, but is an especially good idea while you're gone since it can give the impression that somebody is home, and will prevent your house from being completely dark at night. 

4. Advertise Your Security

Having signs or stickers that advertise your security will definitely make potential burglars think twice. Just make sure to put your signs and stickers in clearly visible places where there will be some kind of lighting at night!

5. Double Check Your Doors And Windows

This may seem like common sense, but you don't want to be on a plane getting ready for takeoff and start worrying about whether you locked all your doors or not. Before you leave town, take a minute and go through EVERY door and window in your house to make sure they are locked.

At BSN Security, we work with businesses and communities of all sizes to ensure that their employees or residents are completely secure. Our team of security specialists will work with you to find a security program that meets your specific needs. To get more information about what BSN Security can do for you, contact us today!

Keep Your Home Safe This Holiday Season

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